Jim Smalley

Speed of Life

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Teacher and Coach

Jim Smalley is a recipient of HCSD’s Educator of Excellence award. He is a passionate basketball coach for THE Hilliard Darby Panthers and serves in the role of an elementary technology teacher. A graduate of Heidelberg University, Jim lives in Hilliard, OH with his beautiful wife Danah and handsome dog Max.

A single moment can forever change how we view our world. The moment we hearing a loved one’s laughter, we smile. The moment we decide to give ourselves permission to let our imagination run wild, we create a spark, which can ignite a fire. In our overscheduled world, it is easy for a whole day to pass where we miss our moments. To help him focus on life’s details, Jim Smalley has embarked on a year-long journey to document a moment from each day in his life. He invites you to view a year of his life as he shares the impact this project has had on his life.