A Discussion about Teen Vaping



Mikaela Hunt, Moderator

Dr Frances Adkins, Pediatrician

Alisha Hopkins, Clinic Director, FNP, The Breathing Association

Dr. John Marschhausen, Superintendent, Hilliard City Schools

Joel Assenheimer, 9th Grade Principal at Hilliard Davidson HS

Many teens hold the assumption that vaping is less harmful than smoking.  Maybe that is why nicotine use is skyrocketing among them. Recent studies by the National Health Institute report that nicotine use, and in particular vaping, is up among teen users.  “About 37% of 12th graders reported vaping in 2018, compared with 28% in 2017. Vaping of each substance that was asked about increased. This includes nicotine, flavored liquids, marijuana, and hash oil.”  In fact, teens are four times as likely to “move away from the perception of cigarettes as posing a great risk of harm.”   

The panel will address this topic at TEDxHilliard on Aug 9th.  Pediatrician Dr Frances Adkins, Alisha Hopkins NFP, Dr. John Marschhausen, Superintendent, Hilliard City Schools, and 9th Grade Principal at Hilliard Davidson High School Joel Assenheimer will address the rising concern of teen vaping and the education and prevention efforts underway to help stem the tide.

Elise Byard | 2019

elise byard

Elise Byard – Let the Music Flow

Student at Hilliard Davidson High School

Music has been and always will be a big part of her life. Whether she’s rehearsing in band and choir class, taking voice lessons after school, or showcasing her hard work at a performance, she loves every minute of the process. Her favorite part of learning a new piece is breaking it down, learning section after section, and finally watching the pieces fall into place. It is at this moment that she is in her flow and eager to learn more.