Amber Runyon | 2018

Amber Runyon
Amber Runyon – Let’s End Human Trafficking through Social Enterprise

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Founder of Eleventh Candle Company
Passionate, Resilient, Funny

Amber Runyon found her path to healing by making a pathway for others. She started Eleventh Candle Co. to employ women both in the United States and Ethiopia who’ve been vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation and addiction. Amber believes that if we can teach little girls to dream, they’ll be the force that changes the world. But if we can teach broken women to dream like little girls again, it will be a force that this world has yet to see.

Amber is the founder of Eleventh Candle Co, a social enterprise. She is also the founder of Legacy a nonprofit working both globally and locally. She has been featured in many local and national magazines and press. Amber has been a speaker and guest on many podcasts, as well as being a nurse.