Dr. Scott Grant | 2018

Scott Grant
Dr. Scott Grant – Ties & Tennies: A Pathway for Engagement

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CEO of Triple Threat Leadership
Positive, Helpful, Energetic

There are moments in every person’s life that change the course of their future. For Dr. Scott Grant, it was the simple decision to wear a pair of tennis shoes. As a history teacher, he was a suit and tie guy, but a back injury had him lacing up his Nike Air Max Tempo Lows. The shoes made his pain more tolerable, but it was the reaction that he received from his students that made this tiny decision a life changing moment that changed the course of Scott’s life.

Scott spent five years as a high school teacher, two years as an athletic director, then left and pursued a doctorate in leadership studies. He’s been teaching as a college professor the past five years, and the last two, running Triple Threat Leadership, a company created during his doctoral program that provides Personal Branding & Social Media Education to schools and organizations. Over the past two years he has traveled the state, working with over 120 organizations, focusing on Adding Value, Building Relationships, and Creating Opportunities.