Speakers wanted for TEDxHilliard: Drive

Wanted: Speakers who can inspire, predict, reflect, challenge, educate and/or resonate.  Consider applying to be a speaker or performer! All applications are due May 20th.

The theme for TEDxHilliard is Drive. Drive is one of those words that can be a verb or a noun. For this first-ever event, we’re looking for people to share the ideas and motivations that propel them forward. When preparing your talk, consider the following as guiding questions:

  • What drives you personally or professionally?
  • What were the motivating factors that have guided you to where you are now in your life?
  • In what ways are you driven to help others?
  • When you encounter failure, what drives you to carry on?
  • Where do you find the drive to create, motivate, innovate, or educate?



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