Amit & Ami Majmudar

Spark in Motion
Nuclear Radiologist and first Poet Laureate of Ohio (Amit) and Dancer (Ami)

Watch their TEDxHilliard performance

Amit Majmudar gets paid to look for patterns. In his day job as a nuclear radiologist, Amit scans X-rays, CT-rays, CT scans, and Pet scans looking for the pattern of normal anatomy. At home, Amit uses his love for patterns in writing his poetry, creating patterns in language. He says language has both a mathematical and musical aspect to it that quickens it into poetry. Similar to her husband, Ami Majmudar finds patterns in everyday life, though she experiences them through rhythm and motion. With three decades of experience as a classically trained Bharata natyam dancer, Ami uses dance and the motion of her body to express emotion and stories.

Inspired by the program’s theme of Spark, Amit & Ami Majmudar bring their gifts of spoken word and dance to the TEDxHilliard stage. Their choreographed performance of words, rhyme, rhythm, and Bharata natyam, an Indian Classical Dance, celebrate the feeling of a spark, internal fires, and the small beginnings of world-changing things. This powerful performance interprets the feeling of the soul when it is set on fire.