Dr. Coyte Cooper

Perspective Sparks Potential
Bestselling Author and CEO of Make Your Mark Enterprises

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When Dr. Coyte Cooper didn’t get what he wanted, he walked away. He didn’t give up, but realized it was time to try something new. What he first thought of as a failure, was actually a wake up call that drastically altered his life plans. Dr. Cooper is now a full-time entrepreneur who spends his time helping people live to their highest potential. He has devoled himself to creating content that helps spark people to go out and create lives they absolutely love.

Every person on the planet faces failure at some point in their life. Adversity is inevitable. Most people tend to see failure as a negative thing that fills them with shame. But failure is not negative, but rather a positive experience. Dr. Cooper encourages people to actively seek out the lesson in the adversity that they experience. Once we learn to shift our perspective, what we once thought of as a negative situation is actually a gift that propels life to an extraordinary level.