Dr. Boris Terebuh

Translating Pain’s Message
Specializes in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Management

Patients look forward to a visit with Dr. Boris Terebuh. As a practitioner of musculoskeletal medicine, he alleviates pain. Dr. Terebuh has been re-envisioning his profession’s current solution of pain management. He realized that focusing on the symptom of pain and offering medication as the only solution was short sighted. He has dedicated the past twelve years of his career to teaching patients how to manage their pain independent of medication.

Our society has a pain problem. We have become hypersensitive to it and are terrified of it. Pain is a universal language, but it doesn’t speak English. We do our best to guess how to treat the symptom, but sometimes that does not fix the issue that causes the pain. With opioid use out of control, alternatives methods are being developed to treating pain without medication. As a specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Management, Dr. Boris Terebuh has learned to translate the pain message. He shares pain’s message with his patients and is excited to share what Regenerative Medicine has to offer right now and in the future.