Kimberly Brazwell | 2018

Kim Brazwell
Kimberly Brazwell – Over, Under, Around and Through Trauma

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CEO & Founder of KiMISTRY
Encouraging, Tenacious and Creative

Those deemed “trailblazers” have pain (trauma) stories that often go untold. Do we know what cost these trailblazers paid to create pathways for us? Kim will share how her ancestral history created pathways for her to be a trailblazer and how, as she creates new pathways, has to be increasingly mindful how to move forward toward growth and healing.

She is a trauma-informed social justice advocate and own/operate the consulting firm, KiMISTRY. She recently published a memoir, Browning Pleasantville, and was also recently named the executive director of the newly formed nonprofit King Lincoln Family Services Corporation. Outside of work, she is launching an activism ministry at her church. She is a painter, writer, and does spoken word and visual practitioning. She is a divorced mom of two fantastic daughters.