Zachary Dilbeck | 2018

Zac Dilbeck
Zachary Dilbeck – Know the Path You Walk

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Assistant Professor of English at CSCC
Enthusiastic, Witty, Affable

Sometimes a path is symbolic of choice and sometimes a path is just dirt. English Professor Zachary Dilbeck discusses the difference between literal and figurative pathways in literature and how the ability to distinguish between the two can help to navigate real life pathways.

He has been teaching literature and composition at Columbus State Community College since 2012. He earned a PhD in English and the Teaching of English from Idaho State University and completed his doctoral dissertation on Tolkien’s construction of race in Middle-Earth in 2015. He have been nominated multiple times for the Distinguished Teaching Award; He presented a paper titled “The Broken Sword, a Meme: Beowulf, Arthur, and Elendil” at the University of Vermont in 2017; organized and contributed to a faculty panel titled “An Historic Election Deserves an Historic Conversation” at the CSCC Delaware Campus in 2016; and currently teaches a fairy tale driven composition curriculum. He is also interested in enlightenment thought and aesthetics, the consilience of higher education, and the anxiety of science and pseudoscience.