Rosemarie Rossetti | 2018

Rosemarie Rossetti
Rosemarie Rossetti – Pathways To Change, Persevere, and Be Resilient!

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President of Rossetti Enterprises
Persistent, Loyal, Trustworthy

Paths can end for no reason at all, a permanent change that was never thought possible. Rosemarie Rossetti has faced such a moment and found hope and meaning in the situation. She shares the five key lessons she learned following a spinal cord injury and provides hope to others by demonstrating how to be resilient, cope with change, and deal with adversity.

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. is a full time professional speaker, consultant, and author, internationally known for her motivational programs. She is the President of Rossetti Enterprises Inc. Rossetti has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people who were in her audiences over the 19 years that she has been sharing her story about acquiring a spinal cord injury. Her message is focused on living life with conviction. She shares the five key lessons that she lives by that she learned following her injury. She provides hope to others by demonstrating how to be resilient, cope with change, and deal with adversity.

She is the author of:
“Universal Design Toolkit: Time-saving ideas, resources, solutions, and guidance for making homes accessible”, “Take Back Your Life! Regaining Your Footing After Life Throws You a Curve” and “The Healthy Indoor Plant”.

She is also known for the national demonstration home and garden that she and her husband, Mark Leder, designed, built, and live in, the Universal Design Living Laboratory. It is the highest rated universal design home in North America, earning three national certifications. This home in Columbus also received a Silver LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and a Gold certification on the National Green Building Standard.

Matt Stephens-Rich | 2018

Matt Stephens-Rich

Matt Stephens-Rich – Decarbonizing the Transportation Highway

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Electric Vehicle Specialist
Passionate, Excited, Sharing

Hilliard is the leading the charge in the Columbus region in tackling greenhouse gas emissions. Our town has the highest rate of electric vehicle adoption, which is decreasing oil dependency. Electric Vehicle Specialist Matt Stephens-Rich explains what this means for Hilliard, the Columbus region and the reduction of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Matt started his career in energy policy and alternative fuels at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs in 2012, where he earned an MPA in Energy Policy. While in school, Matt worked at Clean Fuels Ohio, a statewide non-profit focused on petroleum reduction through alternative fuels in transportation. Upon graduation, he stayed on with Clean Fuels Ohio as Projects Manager, working to secure $25+ million in grant funding and deploy hundreds of alternative fuel fleet vehicles. He was honored to be named a Person to Know in Energy by Columbus Business First during this work. He now provides insight and analysis for how consumers and businesses can best adopt EVs in the region.