Dale King | 2018

Dale King
Dale King – Revitalizing a Local Economy

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Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Doc Spartan
Intense, Loving, Resilient

Dale King joined the military to get out of his hometown. An economically depressed town in southeastern Ohio, Portsmouth didn’t offer much of a future. Dale never thought his life’s path would bring him back home, but in 2010, that is where he opened his gym. His community had been devastated by opioid addiction, but Dale’s gym became a haven that taught strength and provided a pathway to move past internal pain. Dale’s courage to take a step out on his own path has given others new hope and provided Dale with bountiful opportunities including the founding of a non-profit and a deal on Shark Tank.

Dale is a former Military Intelligence officer who served two tours to Iraq supporting a Special Operations unit. Upon leaving the military, he worked for the Department of Energy. He would eventually quit that job to focus on my entrepreneurial efforts in Portsmouth. Currently, he is the proud owner of PSKC CrossFit, chairman of Team Some Assembly Required, and co-owner of Doc Spartan. Doc Spartan aired on Season 8 of Shark Tank where we landed a deal with Robert Herjavec. Recently Robert named PSKC CrossFit one of his best deals in the history of the show.