Peter Cline | 2018

Peter Cline
Peter Cline – Building Trust through Motorsports

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Executive Director & Founder of VET Motorsports
Engaging, Sociable, Witty

My journey has not been straight and predictable. It seems that I’m always looking for new experiences and thrive on connecting with people. These relationships have helped me achieve something greater than the sum of it’s individual parts.

2017 Dispatch Media Group “Everyday Hero” Semifinalist, 2016 Ohio State University Robert M. Duncan Alumni Citizenship Award, 2015 AMA Hazel Kolb Award, 2014 Columbus Volunteer Citizen of the Year. Ohio State graduate in English, graduate work at the John Glenn School. He currently works in state government, is a former recording/touring musician, a former motorcycle racer, and currently volunteers with VETMotorsports and serves post 9/11 veterans nation wide.