Bill Balderaz | 2019

Bill Balderaz – What Can Your Data Do For You?

President and Founder of Futurety
Innovator. Strategist. Entrepreneur.

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Through the evolution of Bill’s career, he’s always found himself working in industries in their very earliest stages. He’s seen technology change and grow at an exponential pace in the last 20 years and watched how it has produced valuable data. Bill outlines how artificial intelligence and machine algorithms process information, how customer relationship management software stores and interprets data, and how that data can be modeled and analyzed to understand human behavior.

Developing effective and innovative AI requires an understanding of the capacities and limitations of current machine learning models. Scholarly research on “flow” suggests that balancing skill and challenge is necessary to reach flow state and impact cognitive growth. This talk will examine the processes underlying predictive modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, as well as their implications for a variety of industries.

Bill Balderaz is the President and Founder of Futurety, a data-driven marketing consulting firm. His company helps organizations derive insights from data to predict customer behavior and deliver smarter, faster marketing programs. Bill has spoken at more than 150 conferences nationwide on topics related to public relations, sales, innovation, marketing, healthcare, search engine optimization, data mining, social media and more. He’s also been featured in more than 100 media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine and NPR.

KaTanya Ingram | 2018

KaTanya Ingram
KaTanya Ingram – Performer for TEDxHilliard 2018

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KaTayna is a street performer in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, OH; an area known as the art and soul of Columbus.
She’ll share with you that “Music is what feelings sound like and binds us all together”. How do you know; one might ask? She can see on the facial expressions of the thousands who pass her as she regularly performs.

Richard Isbell | 2018

Richard Isbell
Richard Isbell – Pathways: Art Heals a Veteran’s Journey

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Creative, Caring, Funny

Rich Isbell knows that art saved his life. A gulf war veteran, Rich struggled to fit in when returning to his civilian life. He felt isolated, depressed and detached from the world he had known prior to enlisting. In his journey to reconnect, Rich returned to the sketchpads that had provided him comfort during his youth. Rich learned new techniques and the freedom to express himself, he was able to reroute around the traumatic moments he once experienced and enjoy life again.

Richard is a 100% service-connected disabled veteran who found a way to rehabilitate himself through the use of the arts. It is a story of navigating obstacles and overcoming adversity in order to be able to support his family and mentor other veterans. Through his message, he inspires other veterans to find their voice; whether it be creating artwork, writing, or through theatre.

Jackie Burns | 2018

Jackie Burns
Jackie Burns – The Untold Path of Recovery

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Student at Bowling Green State University
Resilient, Empathetic, Leader

Jackie Burns is a real-life Iron Man. While most high school graduates spend the summer packing for college, Jackie underwent a 14-level spinal fusion surgery to correct a rare back disease. She spent her summer re-learning how to move, sit, and walk. Her disease may have knocked her off her planned path, but Jackie says this humbling experience has enriched her life in ways she never imagined.

She is a junior at Bowling Green State University with a double major; a Bachelor of the Arts in Music with an emphasis on Opera Performance and Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies. On campus she leads a Christian Movement called Cru. She is the emcee for campus wide meetings on Thursday nights. Jackie is also involved in the College of Musical Arts Opera Theater Department and will frequently perform in their shows. MUTS is an on campus musical theater organization with a purpose toward engaging the community for professional development and performance experiences. She is also a paid vocalist at Trinity United Methodist Church and works for a local children’s theater company called Horizon Youth Theater where she teaches various classes and workshops.

Amber Runyon | 2018

Amber Runyon
Amber Runyon – Let’s End Human Trafficking through Social Enterprise

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Founder of Eleventh Candle Company
Passionate, Resilient, Funny

Amber Runyon found her path to healing by making a pathway for others. She started Eleventh Candle Co. to employ women both in the United States and Ethiopia who’ve been vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation and addiction. Amber believes that if we can teach little girls to dream, they’ll be the force that changes the world. But if we can teach broken women to dream like little girls again, it will be a force that this world has yet to see.

Amber is the founder of Eleventh Candle Co, a social enterprise. She is also the founder of Legacy a nonprofit working both globally and locally. She has been featured in many local and national magazines and press. Amber has been a speaker and guest on many podcasts, as well as being a nurse.

Dale King | 2018

Dale King
Dale King – Revitalizing a Local Economy

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Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Doc Spartan
Intense, Loving, Resilient

Dale King joined the military to get out of his hometown. An economically depressed town in southeastern Ohio, Portsmouth didn’t offer much of a future. Dale never thought his life’s path would bring him back home, but in 2010, that is where he opened his gym. His community had been devastated by opioid addiction, but Dale’s gym became a haven that taught strength and provided a pathway to move past internal pain. Dale’s courage to take a step out on his own path has given others new hope and provided Dale with bountiful opportunities including the founding of a non-profit and a deal on Shark Tank.

Dale is a former Military Intelligence officer who served two tours to Iraq supporting a Special Operations unit. Upon leaving the military, he worked for the Department of Energy. He would eventually quit that job to focus on my entrepreneurial efforts in Portsmouth. Currently, he is the proud owner of PSKC CrossFit, chairman of Team Some Assembly Required, and co-owner of Doc Spartan. Doc Spartan aired on Season 8 of Shark Tank where we landed a deal with Robert Herjavec. Recently Robert named PSKC CrossFit one of his best deals in the history of the show.

Dr. Scott Grant | 2018

Scott Grant
Dr. Scott Grant – Ties & Tennies: A Pathway for Engagement

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CEO of Triple Threat Leadership
Positive, Helpful, Energetic

There are moments in every person’s life that change the course of their future. For Dr. Scott Grant, it was the simple decision to wear a pair of tennis shoes. As a history teacher, he was a suit and tie guy, but a back injury had him lacing up his Nike Air Max Tempo Lows. The shoes made his pain more tolerable, but it was the reaction that he received from his students that made this tiny decision a life changing moment that changed the course of Scott’s life.

Scott spent five years as a high school teacher, two years as an athletic director, then left and pursued a doctorate in leadership studies. He’s been teaching as a college professor the past five years, and the last two, running Triple Threat Leadership, a company created during his doctoral program that provides Personal Branding & Social Media Education to schools and organizations. Over the past two years he has traveled the state, working with over 120 organizations, focusing on Adding Value, Building Relationships, and Creating Opportunities.

Peter Cline | 2018

Peter Cline
Peter Cline – Building Trust through Motorsports

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Executive Director & Founder of VET Motorsports
Engaging, Sociable, Witty

My journey has not been straight and predictable. It seems that I’m always looking for new experiences and thrive on connecting with people. These relationships have helped me achieve something greater than the sum of it’s individual parts.

2017 Dispatch Media Group “Everyday Hero” Semifinalist, 2016 Ohio State University Robert M. Duncan Alumni Citizenship Award, 2015 AMA Hazel Kolb Award, 2014 Columbus Volunteer Citizen of the Year. Ohio State graduate in English, graduate work at the John Glenn School. He currently works in state government, is a former recording/touring musician, a former motorcycle racer, and currently volunteers with VETMotorsports and serves post 9/11 veterans nation wide.

Kimberly Brazwell | 2018

Kim Brazwell
Kimberly Brazwell – Over, Under, Around and Through Trauma

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CEO & Founder of KiMISTRY
Encouraging, Tenacious and Creative

Those deemed “trailblazers” have pain (trauma) stories that often go untold. Do we know what cost these trailblazers paid to create pathways for us? Kim will share how her ancestral history created pathways for her to be a trailblazer and how, as she creates new pathways, has to be increasingly mindful how to move forward toward growth and healing.

She is a trauma-informed social justice advocate and own/operate the consulting firm, KiMISTRY. She recently published a memoir, Browning Pleasantville, and was also recently named the executive director of the newly formed nonprofit King Lincoln Family Services Corporation. Outside of work, she is launching an activism ministry at her church. She is a painter, writer, and does spoken word and visual practitioning. She is a divorced mom of two fantastic daughters.